Now What is Exactly Lightweight Concrete Block ?

Lightweight Concrete has developed a new innovation concept for production of Lightweight Concrete Block to be used as building materials. Lightweight Concrete is made of air bubbles in the form of a foam & then mixing the foam-into a cement. The slurry is them poured into molds. Foam blocks slurries have higher cement contents.

Differences Between Lightweight Concrete Block & Normal Block

* LWC Block

* Normal Block

Light Weight 

Heavy Weight 

Heat Insulation 

Heat Absorbed 

Fire Resistant 

It Catches Fire

Earthquake Resistant

Earthquake Friendly 

Eco Friendly 

Harmful For Environment 

Practical Application Of Lightweight Concrete

LIGHTWEIGT CONCRETE is used for walls, floors & ceilings LIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE has advantages of Light weight superior thermal insulation, saving in Material, Low Water Absorption, weather proof, Termite resistant & fire proof. Compressive Strength. Excellent Acoustic, Earth Quake Resistant, Skim Coating, Environment Friendly in expensive maintenance, quick to set up, easily adjusted for different uses & different appearances & more.

Lightweight Concrete Block Using Advantage

The saving in consumption of Reinforcing Steel & Cement due to over 50% reduction is dead weight of the walls. The cost of plaster finished in Lightweight Concrete Block Walls is much lower than the corresponding brick wall. The saving in the number of piles or raft footings for foundations due to dead weight reduction thermal. The saving in energy cost due to thermal insulating properties. Increased carpet area with the same built-up area due to lesser thickness of wall in and cladding. Due to the bigger size of Lightweight Concrete blocks, there are a less number of joints in the masonry thereby resulting in savings in Cement, Sand and Water which are costly as well as scarce. Uniform and bigger size of block enables speedy construction

Lightweight Concrete Block Size ,Thickness & Weight

Specification Of Lightweight Concrete

Excellence In Lite Weight Concrete