Lite weight concrete is an advanced type of essential luxury building materials.

Lite Weight Concrete

It is made with a lightweight coarse aggregate & sometimes a portion or entire fine aggregates may be lightweight instead of normal aggregates & It’s Called Lightweight Poly Concrete 

Why Choose Lite Weight Concrete Block ?

Light Weight : Blocks are   lightweight, strong & durable so saving in structures & foundation.

Heat Insulation : It provides superior thermal insulation so reduces the heating & cooling expenses

Fire Resistant : Blocks products are weather proof, termite resistant & fire

Earthquake Resistant : its lightness increases resistance against
earthquake so less damage & Save Your assets.

Environment Friendly : it is manufactured with 100% recycled resource. It has a dramatic impact on emission of Green House Gases.

Workability: Blocks products are in a rectangular or in shapes as required.
It can be sawed, drilled & shaped like wood using standard hand tools.

Lite Weight Concrete gives you Eco friendly product So Keep Your Environment luxury & Cool With Us.

Lite Weight Concrete Block

The Lite Wight Concrete Block Name has been taken from Lightweight Concrete Block 

What is CLC Block ?

CLC ( Cellular Light Weight Concrete Block ) is made from foam Concrete . It is a light weight concrete that is produced by mixing cement and White Sand slurry with pre-formed foam. As a building material, it meets all expectations to spread in a building practice first of all in the area      of making floors of civic and industrial buildings.

Why Choose CLC ( Cellular Light Weight Concrete Block )?

Earthquake Resistant : Using CLC Block & save from earthquake 

Heat Insulation : 70-90% more thermal insulation

Fire Resistant : Higher fire resistance

Light Weight : CLC Blocks are   lightweight, This is almost three times less than the traditional bricks or fly ash bricks

Green technology : LWC CLC production is fully harmless and used of ecological raw materials and process the recyclables.

Workability : As a building material, it meets all expectations to spread in a building practice first of all in the area of making floors of civic and industrial buildings.

Water Absorption : LWC CLC Blocks are closed cellular structures so absorb less water

Exceptional : Exceptionally economical production -high productivity, low manipulation and
delivery costs

Other properties : Fully ecological product, resistant against acids, alkalis, molds and animals

What Exactly Is CLC Block ?

Lite Weight Concrete Block

Lightweight Concrete has developed a new innovation concept for production of Lightweight Concrete Block to be

CLC Block

Foam concrete – a lightweight concrete type – it has been known for more than thirty years in its principle. It is a building material

AAC Block

AAC stands for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. It is a lightweight, precast building material that is commonly used in construction

Pavement Tiles

Pavement Tiles, also known as parking pavers or parking lot tiles, are specialized tiles designed for use in parking areas

Cover Block

We offer a wide range of COVER BLOCKS that are suitable for various applications. We provide our Range of Cover Block

Precast Boundary Wall

Precast Boundary walls are created by casting concrete in a transformable wall mold or form which is then cured in a

LWC Service

Cast In Situ

Lite Weight Concrete Can Be Molded to Various Sizes With Required Thickness and Casting of this Concrete Can Be Done As Per Our Valuable Clients

Partition Wall

Lite Weight Concrete Block : Use Our Lite Weight Concrete Block at Partition Wall for Some Advantage that’s give you weight savings better

Foaming Agent Chemical

Chemical foaming agents generally are low-molecular-weight inorganic or organic Compounds and are usually supplied in powder or

Jol ChadRooftop Heat Insulation

Rooftop Heat Insulation (Jol Chad)

For many years, LITE WEIGHT CONCRETE is used for rooftop heat insulation (Jol-Chad). LITE WEIGHT CONCRETE has Three benefits when it is

Waterproofing Treatment

Waterproofing Chemical Treatment

Waterproofing treatment only 1% building construction cost but when ignore, it can be responsible for almost 90% of the damage

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