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Lite Weight Concrete Can Be Molded to Various Sizes With Required Thickness and Casting of this Concrete Can Be Done As Per Our Valuable Clients
Cast In Situ Product Materials :- Cement, Polystyrene Crushed Bubbles and Foaming Agent (Chemicals). Its cost is calculated on the complete works including Materials price, Mason, Helper Bills and Casting Charges .  

Working Process For Cast In Situ :- Lite Weight Concrete Cast In Situ can be done at your Site/Project and we are fully equipped to do this at your site .casting can be done at your site by providing suitable slope as per your requirement.

Casting ratio :- Cement 1 Bag , Polystyrene Crush Bubbles 3 Kg, Foaming Agent 300 ml and our Engineers remain present at the casting site to make sure that the ratio is maintained is strictly.

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Excellence In Lite Weight Concrete